KI Patents Firm

Let’s work together to solve your problems.

You’ll notice that when you work with us, the line between “you” and “us” begins to blur. We’re on the same team. Your problems become our problems, and that’s not empty rhetoric. When we work together, expect a friendly, collaborative, client-first mentality. Expect us to find ways to cut costs. Expect us to be exceptionally responsive and helpful at all times. And expect us to truly care about the quality of the IP we secure for you. For us, it’s a matter of principle to perform at the very highest level by handling your intellectual property with superior technical and legal skill.

Highly experienced. Scalable. Affordable.

Between us we have an extraordinary amount of technical and legal experience, with three Ph.D. and four master’s degrees, several decades as engineers, researchers and scientists, and over 100 productive years as in-house counsel, patent prosecutors, patent litigators, and post-grant practitioners. We are large and hard-working enough to scale to virtually any volume of work. And fees are highly competitive and can be structured as fixed or hourly.

Give us an opportunity to earn your business. Your inventors will love us because we understand their ideas. Your managers will love us because we deliver on time and within budget. And you will love us because we collaborate and communicate with you to provide service that is second to none.