Roberto deLeon

Of Counsel


281.825.5235 |


• B.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Houston
• J.D., University of Houston Law Center

Admissions and Affiliations

• State Bar of Texas (SBOT)
• United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
• U.S. District Courts, Southern and Eastern Districts of Texas
• Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
• Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
• American Bar Association (ABA)
• Houston Intellectual Property Law Association (HIPLA)

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Roberto's Background

An impeccable technical pedigree stands behind Roberto’s intellectual property work. Roberto’s areas of expertise cover a broad range of computer and digital communications technologies including digital hardware at the chip, board and system levels, semiconductor manufacturing and testing, network communications, storage area networks, embedded firmware and software on a wide variety of platforms and operating systems, downhole tools and systems, digital encryption, cellular communications and computer virtualization.

Roberto attended the University of Houston and majored in electrical engineering with an emphasis in digital electronics and computer programming. While in school he worked for Texas Instruments (TI) under the cooperative education program as a “co-op” where he learned the basics of semiconductor design for three and a half years. After graduation he continued to work for TI for another one and a half years as a design engineer, working primarily on 8-bit microprocessors and early video processors.

After working at TI for almost 5 years, Roberto decided to change directions and pursue a career in the industry that had inspired him to become an engineer in the first place: aerospace. He worked for Ford Aerospace, Bendix Field Engineering and Loral Space Information Systems over a combined eleven and a half year period designing digital hardware and systems and embedded firmware and software for NASA’s mission control center. You can still see some of his handiwork in use, including most of the embedded firmware for the Digital Voice Intercom System keysets that allow controllers to talk to each other and to the astronauts (look for the little bright orange screens in the blue consoles next time you see the control center on TV). During this time Roberto also worked with a small start-up company designing software for controlling and monitoring laboratory instrumentation used in the petrochemical industry.

After over eleven years in aerospace (and a few concurrent years with The Little Start-Up That Didn’t), Roberto spent the next eight years deploying and customizing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems for both the electric utility and the oil and gas industries. During this time, joined the evening program at the University of Houston Law Center. While in law school, Roberto began working as a Technical Advisor with Conley Rose in Houston, a position he held starting in early 2004 until graduation in 2006. He continued to practice at Conley Rose as an attorney until 2008, subsequently moving to Wong Cabello before joining Krueger Iselin. At each of these positions, Roberto drafted and prosecuted patent applications, performed opinion work and provided litigation support.